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How Can Contractor Management Companies Help?

by Maggie on February 10, 2013

How Can Contractor Management Companies Help

Hiring contract workers is becoming more popular these days. Businesses are becoming more aware of risks and legal obligations that are accompanied when working with contract workers. So what kind of help is there for these businesses?

Many of these businesses are turning to contractor management companies. These companies provide specialized and comprehensive service and support them with a range of important matters.

So what exactly do contractor management companies do and how can they help you? Basically there are three main services that good contractor management companies will offer.

The most important service is checking and verifying of contractor licenses and insurances. This Contractor qualification is mandatory by law and relieves pressure from the hiring company. Very often a company looking to hire a contractor does not have the time or resources required to do all of the checks themselves. These checks may include locating and tracking a number of licenses and certificates and very few companies have the in house staff with the necessary time and knowledge.

Another service is checking the occupational health and safety of the contractors. This may require examining many necessary accreditations that relate to a particular service and this process can be quite messy, complex, and time consuming and many times a lot of interaction with the contractors may be necessary. Contractor management companies make sure that all of these checks and verifications are completed thoroughly and accurately. Also, by having contractor management companies complete these checks, hiring companies usually get some protection from legal issues.

And the last service is online safety inductions. Most contractor management companies now offer online safety inductions which can be tailored to address job specific safety practices that are most important to the hiring company. These safety inductions create clear standards including the level at which task should be performed.

The best part of using contractor management companies is that they are experts and they have the most relevant and up to date information that is relevant for the hiring company. Their sole job is to watch and respond to issues in the field thus they possess the best knowledge and it is because of this knowledge that they can identify problems early on and even prevent them before they reach the critical level.

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I Want To Go To Catalina Island

by Maggie on February 5, 2013

I Want To Go To Catalina Island

My husband and I have been trying to plan a nice vacation for ourselves and we’ve been looking at Catalina Island. It just seems like such a beautiful place to go.

You can do a search online for Hotels Catalina to get a list of places where you can stay. You can choose from hotels, bed & breakfast inns, and campgrounds. Obviously since this will be a relaxing vacation for us, we will be choosing a hotel.

They have so many different fun and amazing activities to choose from like renting bikes, golf carts or even segways, to motor tours to walking tours to relaxing with a massage.

There are glass bottom boats that tour the reefs and shipwrecks in the area. You can go scuba diving and snorkeling in the clear water. The two most popular places to dive are Lover’s Cove which is to the east of town and Descanso Beach which is to the west of the Casino. The area is well known for the schools of flying fish and the bright orange Garibaldi which live their waters. If you are interested in surfing, Shark Harbor Beach and Ben Weston Beach are two beaches that offer good waves.

If you want to stay dry, you can take any of the bus tours that are given of the interior. You can also visit the Catalina Island Museum which is located in the historic Catalina Casino building. The museum is the keeper of Catalina Island’s cultural heritage with over 100,000 items which include over 7,000 years of Native American history, over 10,000 photographs and images, a large collection of Catalina-made pottery and tile, ship models, and much more.

They also have a number of tours you can take like the ghost tours, casino tours, astronomy tours, food tasting tours, walking tours, Hummer/Jeep tours, taxi/charter tours, Unimog tours, and the Zip Line Eco Tour. Helicopter tours and parasailing are also options.

There just seems like there is so much to choose from for activities. Definitely sounds like a great place to go to relax and have some great fun. Have you ever been? Let me know what some of your favorite activities are.

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My Beauty Tips

by Maggie on February 5, 2013

My Beauty Tips

Both my grandmother and my mother have always looked younger than their age. Their skin has been able to look youthful through their years. I just hope that I have their genes and my face continues to look great just like theirs.

I know that they took really good care of their skin. I remember every night my grandmother would wash her face and slather on the greasiest looking cream on her face. My mother on the other hand spends a fortune on the best moisturizers for her face and I know that she has gone to a spa a few times.

I don’t have any Esthetician supplies at home and I can’t afford to spend too much but I’m not cheap either when it comes to my skin. Everybody’s skin is different so you need to really research which products work best for your skin.

First you need to start with the soap or cleanser. You need to find a soap or cleanser that works best for you. For me it’s Palmers Cocoa Butter bar soap. I use the soap to wash my face and then I lather on some more soap and use a Rite Aid brand exfoliating facial sponge to scrub my face and clean my pores.

Then I use a clarifying toner. I used to use L’Oreal Ideal Balance Pore Clarifying toner but they discontinued it. Too bad, it was the best. After many attempts, I have found one that works just as good. The toner I use now is the Clinique Clarifying Lotion 3 for Combination Oily skin. It works great.

Next you need to choose some moisturizers that work for your skin. The next few items that I use are all from the L’Oreal Youth Code line. I start with the Regenerating Skincare Eye Cream. I then follow up with a full face moisturizer. I like to use the Day/Night cream on my face.

Now if this is a day that I don’t want to wear makeup but still want to even out my skin tone, I would change things up a bit. After I washed my face, I would use the Regenerating Skincare Serum Intense first and then the Eye Cream. Then I would use the BB Cream Illuminator which is a tinted moisturizer that does an amazing job at evening out the skin.

For the makeup, after many years of research, I have found that the bareMinerals by Bare Escentuals line works best for my skin. It is light weight, it doesn’t clog my pores, it looks natural, and it lasts all day. I can honestly say that it I love their makeup so much that I also use their mascara, eye shadow, and lip gloss.

Hopefully by following this regimen, I can achieve the youthful skin that has been granted to the women in my family.

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Help! It’s A Heat Wave And My AC Is Not Working!

I used to live in a condo with central air. Let me tell you, it was the best invention ever. I loved the fact that I could still have full view out of my windows at the beautiful hot days while staying cool in my condo. And then, after about eight years, it happened.

We got hit with a heat wave. The weather was scorching hot and humid. The temperatures were at about one hundred degrees and with the humidity, it felt even worse. You were drenched as soon as you stepped out of your house. Boy was I happy to have central air. It was nice and cool in my condo. I was so comfortable.

And then all of a sudden, the air conditioning started blowing hot air! What was going on? I checked everything and nothing seemed wrong. I never had to call an HVAC service before so I went online and did a search for HVAC and my area, something like HVAC DC. I found one that looked familiar. I had seen their vans before at my complex so I decided to call them.

They weren’t able to get someone out to me until the following morning because they were so busy. Of course they are, it’s a heat wave! So I slept that night in a hot and humid condo. I tried the trick of running a cold shower and using the fan to help cool things off. It didn’t work so well. I couldn’t sleep.

I was so happy when the HVAC guy showed up. He ran some tests including a leak test. Come to find out, I had a leak and was out of Freon. Great! He fixed my leak and filled the Freon and my air conditioner start working great! I was so happy. I paid for his services and off he went. I went inside to take a shower and enjoy my nice cool air. All was great with the world until…

A few days later I come home from work and the air conditioner is blowing hot air again. So I call the HVAC guys and am able to schedule someone for first thing the next morning. Ugh. A different guy shows up the next morning, finds another leak, patches, and fills my Freon again and everything started working great. Perfect. At this point the worst of the heat wave is over but it is still quite hot and humid.

About a week later, the air conditioner stops working again so I call the HVAC guys to come out. This time I got them to come out same day and they sent the same guy that was there the first time. He ran some additional tests and come to find out there were a number of leaks in the coil so since the unit was almost twenty years old, it was time to replace it.

So I had the air conditioner replaced and they were kind enough to apply what I paid for their three service calls to the balance of the new air conditioning unit. Now that was great service! And I spent the rest of the summer nice and cool.

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Fashionable And Modest

by Maggie on February 4, 2013

Fashionable And Modest

Fashions are constantly changing. There are many different styles that are considered fashionable these days. Recently, fashions have definitely taken a turn. Much of the clothing nowadays is either skin tight or highly revealing.

In the midst of people’s pursuit to be highly fashionable, many people are wearing clothing that they are either uncomfortable in or clothing that does not complement their bodies. What people don’t know is that there are many modest fashions that are highly fashionable.

When most people think of modest clothing, they think of full coverage, frumpy looking clothes. Just remember, wearing modest clothing doesn’t mean you have to look like a nun, though there is some really great modest christian clothing out there.

Let’s start with tops. When wearing shirts, it’s okay to have a lower neckline showing just don’t let it go too low. The point is to wear tops that make you look good without showing your cleavage. Tops should also be loose fitting and not skin tight and you should always avoid sheer fabrics. Also make sure that there are no gaps between you buttons that could reveal certain things. Remember that you can dress up any top with a nice necklace or scarf. By following these few guidelines, you will draw attention to your face and not your bus.

When wearing pants, they can be fitted but not too tight in the rear or the thighs. You should always be able to pinch and pull some of the fabric away from your leg. Make sure to keep panty lines hidden. You can always wear pantyhose, slips, and body shapers to help create a smooth appearance. Try not to choose low rise pants but if you must have them, you can layer with a longer tank top that is tucked into your pants to prevent and rear end cleavage showing.

When choosing shorts and/or skirts, you should always make sure they extend past your arms. Basically, put your arms straight down at your sides and keep your fingers extended. Your hem should fall below the longest finger. This way you won’t run the risk of your rear showing every time you bend over.

You can find this type of clothing at any of your favorite stores. Just remember, you don’t sacrifice fashion to look good!

Disclosure:  ”Fashionable And Modest” is a sponsored post, however, all the points and views are my own.