Fashionable And Modest

by Maggie on February 4, 2013

Fashionable And Modest

Fashions are constantly changing. There are many different styles that are considered fashionable these days. Recently, fashions have definitely taken a turn. Much of the clothing nowadays is either skin tight or highly revealing.

In the midst of people’s pursuit to be highly fashionable, many people are wearing clothing that they are either uncomfortable in or clothing that does not complement their bodies. What people don’t know is that there are many modest fashions that are highly fashionable.

When most people think of modest clothing, they think of full coverage, frumpy looking clothes. Just remember, wearing modest clothing doesn’t mean you have to look like a nun, though there is some really great modest christian clothing out there.

Let’s start with tops. When wearing shirts, it’s okay to have a lower neckline showing just don’t let it go too low. The point is to wear tops that make you look good without showing your cleavage. Tops should also be loose fitting and not skin tight and you should always avoid sheer fabrics. Also make sure that there are no gaps between you buttons that could reveal certain things. Remember that you can dress up any top with a nice necklace or scarf. By following these few guidelines, you will draw attention to your face and not your bus.

When wearing pants, they can be fitted but not too tight in the rear or the thighs. You should always be able to pinch and pull some of the fabric away from your leg. Make sure to keep panty lines hidden. You can always wear pantyhose, slips, and body shapers to help create a smooth appearance. Try not to choose low rise pants but if you must have them, you can layer with a longer tank top that is tucked into your pants to prevent and rear end cleavage showing.

When choosing shorts and/or skirts, you should always make sure they extend past your arms. Basically, put your arms straight down at your sides and keep your fingers extended. Your hem should fall below the longest finger. This way you won’t run the risk of your rear showing every time you bend over.

You can find this type of clothing at any of your favorite stores. Just remember, you don’t sacrifice fashion to look good!

Disclosure:  ”Fashionable And Modest” is a sponsored post, however, all the points and views are my own.

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