Get Unjunked With UNREAL Candy

by Maggie on October 17, 2012

Unreal Mom - Unjunk Junk Food With UNREAL Candy

I was recently given the opportunity to host an UNREAL party. The biggest question is what is Unreal Candy? So first, let me share a little bit of information regarding UNREAL and their candy:

UNREAL exists because one Halloween, a thirteen-year-old boy asked why candy needs to be so unhealthy. After an argument with his father, he did a bit of research only to find that candy is filled with bad things like hydrogenated oils and artificial colors and flavors. And what’s worse, he found out that those ingredients don’t make candy taste better, they simply make it cheaper to produce.

Nicky believed that candy without the junk could be made and that it would taste better. And he and his father and brother decided to prove it.

And they did.

UNREAL provides many of the great flavor combinations we love in our treats, but without the corn syrup, without the partially hydrogenated oils, without the GMOs (genetically modified organisms), without the artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives, and with 40% less sugar per serving on average. Instead, they use real sugar, natural oils, and real milk. The key ingredients are responsibly sourced, and the candy is available in the stores we all shop, at a price point we can all afford.

Get Unjunked With UNREAL Candy

They have a number of products and each one correlates to a leading brand product. See the list below.

  • Unreal 54 – Peanut M&M’s
  • Unreal 41 – M&M’s
  • Unreal 5 – Milky Way
  • Unreal 8 – Snickers
  • Unreal 77 – Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

I received each of the above in my party kit and let me just say yum. The flavor is a bit different but for the better. I invited friends and family over for a little party. At the party, I had samples out in bowls and cut up on plates. Everyone was picking at them throughout the party without really noticing a difference.

About halfway through the party, I announced that the candy that they had all been eating was UNREAL candy. I went on to explain the story and how much healthier the candy is. Everyone was impressed. After the announcement, some people commented on that they thought the candy tasted a bit different but it was really good.

Get Unjunked With UNREAL Candy Goody Bags

They were all very happy to hear that this candy is available at regular stores. I handed goody bags out with one of each of the candy listed above along with an informational one paper. The only complaint I received was that the wrappers were very confusing because they all have a similar design. They suggested that maybe do something more to differentiate the products.

Child Unjunked With UNREAL Candy

All in all everyone, including myself seemed to really enjoy the candy and the healthiness of it. It’s nice to know that our children are eating candy that is healthier. Also, we don’t have to feel as guilty ourselves for eating candy.

Feel free to learn more about UNREAL at or check out their facebook page at Also, make sure to check out this fun video about Unreal, featuring Matt Damon, Gisele and other celebs.

Disclosure:  I participated in a campaign for UNREAL Candy. I received product samples and compensation to throw the party.

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