Help! It’s A Heat Wave And My AC Is Not Working!

by Maggie on February 5, 2013

Help! It’s A Heat Wave And My AC Is Not Working!

I used to live in a condo with central air. Let me tell you, it was the best invention ever. I loved the fact that I could still have full view out of my windows at the beautiful hot days while staying cool in my condo. And then, after about eight years, it happened.

We got hit with a heat wave. The weather was scorching hot and humid. The temperatures were at about one hundred degrees and with the humidity, it felt even worse. You were drenched as soon as you stepped out of your house. Boy was I happy to have central air. It was nice and cool in my condo. I was so comfortable.

And then all of a sudden, the air conditioning started blowing hot air! What was going on? I checked everything and nothing seemed wrong. I never had to call an HVAC service before so I went online and did a search for HVAC and my area, something like HVAC DC. I found one that looked familiar. I had seen their vans before at my complex so I decided to call them.

They weren’t able to get someone out to me until the following morning because they were so busy. Of course they are, it’s a heat wave! So I slept that night in a hot and humid condo. I tried the trick of running a cold shower and using the fan to help cool things off. It didn’t work so well. I couldn’t sleep.

I was so happy when the HVAC guy showed up. He ran some tests including a leak test. Come to find out, I had a leak and was out of Freon. Great! He fixed my leak and filled the Freon and my air conditioner start working great! I was so happy. I paid for his services and off he went. I went inside to take a shower and enjoy my nice cool air. All was great with the world until…

A few days later I come home from work and the air conditioner is blowing hot air again. So I call the HVAC guys and am able to schedule someone for first thing the next morning. Ugh. A different guy shows up the next morning, finds another leak, patches, and fills my Freon again and everything started working great. Perfect. At this point the worst of the heat wave is over but it is still quite hot and humid.

About a week later, the air conditioner stops working again so I call the HVAC guys to come out. This time I got them to come out same day and they sent the same guy that was there the first time. He ran some additional tests and come to find out there were a number of leaks in the coil so since the unit was almost twenty years old, it was time to replace it.

So I had the air conditioner replaced and they were kind enough to apply what I paid for their three service calls to the balance of the new air conditioning unit. Now that was great service! And I spent the rest of the summer nice and cool.

Disclosure:  ” Help! It’s A Heat Wave And My AC Is Not Working!” is a sponsored post, however, all the points and views are my own.

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