How to Shave A Beard

by Maggie on January 25, 2013

How to Shave A Beard

Shaving a beard is a bit more labor intensive than your daily shaving routine. Knowing how to shave a beard properly is very important if you want to avoid some serious irritation.

My husband and I believe that in order to properly shave a beard, you need a little more than just your typical shaving set. After many beard shaving experiments, my husband and I truly believe that adding the use of electric hair clippers and some moisturizer into his beard shaving routine works best!

When you are ready to shave your beard, get the electric hair clippers ready. My husband likes to use the shortest hair setting to make the leftover hair as short as possible. He then uses the hair clippers to shave off his beard. He will work at the hair until it’s basically just stubble. By doing this step, you are extending the life of your razor and helping to reduce irritation.

Next you should prepare your skin by washing your face, preferably with a moisturizing face wash. This helps open up your pores and softens the hair and stubble making it easier to shave. Shaving right after a shower or putting a hot towel to your face for three to five minutes will also do the trick.

Smooth on your shaving cream or gel onto your face neck and allow it to soak in to your skin and hair. Remember, the longer you let it soak in, the softer the hair will be. Once you’re done soaking, use your razor, preferably with a new blade cartridge, to shave your beard. You can also you an electric razor but you might not get as close a shave.

Once you are done shaving, make sure to put on moisturizer! This is a very important step. You face has been covered and protected with a beard and has now been through the rough process of shaving. Your skin may be very sensitive at this point so a nice amount of moisturizer will help nourish the skin and protect it.

As I stated before, my husband has tried quite a few different methods before he learned how to shave a beard. This method has definitely worked the best for him.

Disclosure:  “How to Shave A Beard” is a sponsored post, however, all the points and views are my own.

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