Places To See In St. Paul, MN

by Maggie on February 4, 2013

Places To See In St. Paul, MN

A friend of mine just moved to St. Paul, Minnesota. Before she moved, she did a lot of research on the city and the sites. She found some very interesting facts.

St. Paul adjoins Minneapolis creating what is known as the Twin Cities. The Twin Cities area is city at its heart and small town along its perimeter. Even though the two cities have differences in architecture and ambiance, they each offer their own take of an arts scene, landmark architecture, great restaurants, and some wonderful museums. This area also offers a variety of shopping experiences, from quant little boutiques to the best mall ever, the Mall of America. While it is not located in St. Paul, it is located in the suburbs of the Twin Cities.

First, there are plenty of Hotels in St Paul MN to stay at. In the winter months you can check out the Saint Paul Winter Carnival. This event has ice sculpting, an annual treasure hunt, winter food, activities, and an ice palace. There is also The Como Zoo and Conservatory and the Japanese Garden that are great places to visit year-round. There is also the historic Landmark Center located in downtown which hosts cultural and arts organizations.

Some of the city’s best recreations include Indian Mounds Park, Battle Creek Regional Park, Harriet Island Regional Park, Highland Park, the Wabasha Street Caves, Lake Como, Lake Phalen, and Rice Park. The Irish Fair of Minnesota is also held annually at the Harriet Island Pavilion area.

There is a permanent bronze statue in downtown Saint Paul of Schroeder and Lucy, two of characters from Schultz’ Peanuts. This is because St Paul is the birthplace of the Peanuts cartoonist, Charles M. Schulz.

You can also check out the Ordway Center for the Performing Arts. The RiverCentre, is attached to Xcel Energy Center and serves as the city’s convention center. Great jazz musicians have played at the Artists’ Quarter and the Soapboxing Poetry Slam is also hosted there.

There are also a number of museums to check out including the University of Minnesota’s Goldstein Museum of Design, the Minnesota Children’s Museum, the Schubert Club Museum of Musical Instruments, the Minnesota Museum of American Art,the Traces Center for History and Culture, the Minnesota History Center, the Alexander Ramsey House, the James J. Hill House, the Minnesota Transportation Museum, the Science Museum of Minnesota, and The Twin City Model Railroad Museum.

So as you can see there is much to see in St. Paul and I don’t think we have even scratched the surface. Do you have any great places to see that are not listed here?

Disclosure:  ”Places To See In St. Paul, MN” is a sponsored post, however, all the points and views are my own.

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